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Minneapolis Sick and Safe Leave ordinance changes might impact your business

Employers with locations in Minneapolis should continue to comply with the ordinance for their Minneapolis employees. For all other employers with employees who work in the city, the current expectation is less clear. If the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce does not appeal the decision, the ordinance will apply to all employees who work in the city, regardless of where the employer is located. If the decision is appealed, the Minnesota Court of Appeals will need to decide whether to lift the injunction that had exempted employers outside of the city pending the appeal.

Could the California wildfires affect your insurance costs and availability?

The short answer is yes, they could. You would think that wildfires on the coast would have a regional impact, but events like this can have repercussions on the entire insurance market, even here in the Midwest. To recoup income from damages in one part of the country, national insurance companies tend to increase insurance rates in other states. Ongoing losses from the wildfires in California are putting pressure on insurers, and it’s only a matter of time before that cost transfers to the insureds.

Threat Intelligence highlights: Payment data stolen from major restaurant chain, Facebook struggles with privacy and data, and more

This issue of Threat Intelligence reveals the latest major cyber threats facing individuals and organizations, including customer payment card data exposing users' personal information, privacy concerns, poor security practices, phishing, live broadcasting disruptions, ransomware attacks on municipalities, card-skimming, and banking Trojans.