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Return on Your Investment

We always have an eye on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs and improve your profitability. We can help you with:

  • Reducing the outrageous costs of turnover
  • Retaining key employees to increase profitability
  • Avoiding costly compliance mistakes
  • Reducing workers’ compensation costs
  • Boosting employee productivity and business success
  • Avoiding safety violations and related costs

Partnering with Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting delivers value from planning through implementation — a complete solution dedicated to strengthening your bottom line.  

Analytics helped us strike a compromise between benefits, costs and compliance.


U.S. Venture had a solid benefits strategy, but the Affordable Care Act was making benefits decisions less straight forward. How could they provide for their employees but still be within cost and compliance boundaries? Learn how we used actuarial analytics to help U.S. Venture understand the impact of healthcare reform.

Employee benefits can be complex. Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting simplifies them.


As a healthcare provider, Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates knows all too well the complexities of healthcare. Yet, when healthcare reform impacted their employee benefits, it proved overwhelming. Find out how they partnered with us to develop an employee education program that streamlined enrollment.

Workers' comp claims can put a grinding halt to your profitability.


For Utility Sales and Service, Inc., a string of seemingly disconnected safety events sent the company’s workers’ compensation costs skyrocketing. But were they “freak” accidents or the symptom of an underlying problem? Read how our complete safety assessment revealed the true impact of a safety-averse culture.

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