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Conflict management: Sometimes you are your own worst enemy

How can you get your managers to be better about having purposeful conversations at the right time, and with the proper tone? The best place to start is by giving them greater confidence and skills for managing conflict and having difficult conversations. Being a supervisor or manager requires two distinct sets of skills: task management and relationship management.

New wage survey released for the Upper Midwest

Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting (ABRC) in partnership with Carlson Dettmann Consulting, LLC, has released the results of the 2017/2018 “Upper Midwest Annual Wage Increase Survey.” Among all participants, the average 2017 wage structure increase was 1.92% and the average projected 2018 wage structure increase is 2.03%. 

Fundamental leadership concepts: Leadership vs. management

Have you ever seen this scenario play out? You have an employee who is a strong individual contributor in their department. Consistent with the organization’s goals to develop employees and promote from within, you move your rock star to team lead, supervisor or some similar management role. But it doesn’t take long for problems to develop — the newly promoted employee struggles to deliver results.

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