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Trend Study: MarketPulse 2018

In our 2018 MarketPulse, we examine trends that are having the greatest impact on how organizations operate — and what they mean for you. These issues are likely to touch almost every employer in some way, and preparing for them now will keep you moving forward into the future. We'll be addressing the invasive impact of the opioid epidemic, skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs, cyber risk, financial well-being programs and other employee benefit strategies.

NEW for 2018. Find supporting materials at so you can learn more about these trends and tap into the right solutions to help your organization succeed. And don't miss our new emerging trends section — promising tactics and strategies that are yet to become universally adopted, but that should be on your radar.

Download the PDF: MarketPulse 2018

Help employees with finances to reduce stress and raise productivity

Recent employer surveys show that employee financial well-being can impact your bottom line now more than ever. As employees take on more debt, they take on more stress — and they are more likely to suffer health problems, according to a poll by The Associated Press. 

Conflict management: Sometimes you are your own worst enemy

How can you get your managers to be better about having purposeful conversations at the right time, and with the proper tone? The best place to start is by giving them greater confidence and skills for managing conflict and having difficult conversations. Being a supervisor or manager requires two distinct sets of skills: task management and relationship management.

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