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Back to school – and, for parents, social media risks and liabilities

For many, the high school experience comes with social pressures and obligations to fit in and belong, and sadly this can lead to exclusion and isolation of some students. At some point everyone probably said something in their teen years in the heat of the moment that they now wish could be taken back, but today’s teens face the added burden that if they convey those statements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, their words could be around for a lot longer than just the heat of the moment.

Looking to hire domestic help? Consider the risks and best practices

The financial consequences of being sued can be very serious for high-net-worth individuals and families who have more assets at risk. We recommend liability umbrella coverage for typical families with assets over $300,000. Because high-net-worth individuals often face complicated liabilities and have a lot to lose, they should have an in-depth conversation with their agents about what limit would be best for their needs. 

Could the California wildfires affect your insurance costs and availability?

The short answer is yes, they could. You would think that wildfires on the coast would have a regional impact, but events like this can have repercussions on the entire insurance market, even here in the Midwest. To recoup income from damages in one part of the country, national insurance companies tend to increase insurance rates in other states. Ongoing losses from the wildfires in California are putting pressure on insurers, and it’s only a matter of time before that cost transfers to the insureds.