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Have employees in Minnesota? If so, you need to start caring about wage theft

The Minnesota legislature has just passed a new Wage Theft law that goes into effect on August 1, 2019, and which will require you to change a number of your payroll and documentation practices as a result. Employers should decide how they are going to update their paystubs and how they are going to implement the Wage Statement requirements (e.g., who is going to get them, how often you’ll update them, etc.). 

Considerations for rehiring employees

Rehiring employees can be beneficial to your organization, especially if they were strong contributors. You could save time and money since they are familiar with your business, and you do not need to provide them with the in-depth training required for onboarding new employees. Here are some ideas to consider as you create your rehiring policy and procedures.

Minneapolis Sick and Safe Leave ordinance changes might impact your business

Employers with locations in Minneapolis should continue to comply with the ordinance for their Minneapolis employees. For all other employers with employees who work in the city, the current expectation is less clear. If the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce does not appeal the decision, the ordinance will apply to all employees who work in the city, regardless of where the employer is located. If the decision is appealed, the Minnesota Court of Appeals will need to decide whether to lift the injunction that had exempted employers outside of the city pending the appeal.