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When weather goes bad: Wage and hour considerations

Tornadoes. Blizzards. Hail storms. Ice storms. Bad weather is just, well, bad. Not only is it annoying but it can really affect an organization's ability to function, especially if the workplace can’t open or employees can't get to it. But bad weather may not mean that payroll concerns stop being an issue.

Happy New Year from the Department of Labor: 2020 brings changes and clarification to existing rules

The Department of Labor (DOL) has been busy bringing a number of changes into the new year. On September 24, 2019, the DOL issued its final rule increasing the minimum salary threshold for the so-called white-collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). More recently, the DOL issued a final rule revising its regulations concerning the regular rate of pay and t a final rule interpreting joint employer status under the FLSA.

ADA interactive process: Back to basics

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed almost thirty years ago, was the first comprehensive federal law that addressed the needs of individuals with disabilities by prohibiting discrimination in employment, communications, public services and public accommodations. Modeled in large part after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title I of the ADA generally prohibited discrimination against employees with disabilities but also imposed additional obligations for employers to provide reasonable accommodations for their employees with disabilities.