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Responding to mental health needs during unsettled times

As states cautiously re-open and medical professionals brace for a potentially busy summer caring for people infected with COVID-19, protests have flared up nationwide sending hundreds of thousands of people into the streets to demand justice and systemic change. With emotional and physical stress already high from the fear, change and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the additional grief and trauma of the current social unrest, could trigger a further increase in the already anticipated higher need for mental healthcare.

PCORI fee filing deadline and extension reminder

One of the many taxes and fees included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when it first passed was the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fee. This was an annual fee based on the average number of members enrolled on the health plan, paid either by the insurance company (in the case of a fully-insured health plan) or the employer (in the case of a self-funded health plan, including Health Reimbursement Arrangements, or HRAs). In December of 2019, the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed into law, extending the PCORI fee for another 10 years.

Was your plan’s 5500 filing delayed due to COVID-19?

If you have a non-calendar year plan, the answer is maybe. If you have a calendar year plan, however, your filing deadline has not been affected, it remains July 31, 2020 (at least for now, barring further relief from the IRS). To see how your non-calendar plan may be affected, continue reading below. For more information on how to avoid errors and ERISA penalties as you file Form 5500 for your health and welfare plans, read our article The Form 5500 filing deadline is approaching - avoid errors and ERISA penalties.