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Life insurance for retirement planning

Many people do not view life insurance as an essential and vital part of a retirement income plan. They see life insurance primarily as a way to protect families from the early loss of a breadwinner during the working years. However, life insurance has the potential to be so much more if properly utilized in a comprehensive retirement income plan. Having the correct type of life insurance and the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage in retirement will accomplish multiple objectives. It can help protect your income, provide tax-free cash flow, help manage taxes, provide peace of mind to family members, and even improve the total returns in a portfolio.

Workplace stress and the FMLA: A good offense is a great defense

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may be an option for an employee that is suffering from workplace stress, especially if it rises to the point of a serious health condition that affects the employee’s ability to perform work duties. Once FMLA has been identified as an option, the employee can take a leave of absence all at one time or have some type of intermittent leave that allows for them to modify their schedule.

Dependent eligibility audits

Studies suggest that somewhere between 5-15% of dependents enrolled on a typical health plan are not actually eligible for coverage. But very few employers check whether the that the individual their employees enroll meets some definition of dependent found in the plan documents. They simply take the employees word for it and enroll whoever the employee lists on the enrollment form. Often, the employer is paying premiums and claims for someone who shouldn’t be on the plan. That's where dependent eligibility audits come in.