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Violation #8 on OSHA’s naughty list is fall hazard training

While fall protection remains at the top of the violations list again for 2018, fall hazard training is also a top violation — coming in at number eight with 1,982 violations issued last year. OSHA’s final rule in 2016 extended the range of the walking and working surface standard for general industry and added a fall protection standard for general industry. In doing so, OSHA recognized that many general industry workers face comparable fall hazards as those in construction.

eBook: Business succession planning: Protecting your financial security and your company’s future

Assuming a significant portion of the assets that you have accumulated are in the form of a privately held business, planning is important, and so is timing Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with guarantees. That calls for contingency planning to make sure that you or your family receive a realistic value for the equity stake you have in your business in the event of the unexpected.

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The work comp premium audit: Understanding how you can positively impact the outcome

Few employers realize the importance of overseeing the workers’ compensation premium audit, which occurs at the end of each year to ensure you are paying the correct premium. After an audit, you could receive a surprise bill if the remuneration in work comp benefits paid to employees is found to be inaccurate — or you could receive a reimbursement. Auditors are susceptible to error, so be sure to classify benefits and wages appropriately, be prepared for the audit each year, and manage the process as much as possible.