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Is your disaster recovery plan ready for ongoing and future disruptions?

Recent business impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests have left many employers wishing they had been better prepared to respond to such significant disruptions and uncertainty. When a disaster or emergency situation occurs, time is of the essence for employers to respond. A failure to do so timely and effectively can be the difference between your organization surviving and your operations being interrupted so significantly that it ultimately fails. 

Civil unrest and business insurance

Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball that can predict when and where civil unrest will occur. The good thing is that if a business has the proper insurance policies in effect, it most likely already has some type of protection for such damages. But statistics show us that only roughly half of businesses are covered by these policies, putting themselves at significant risk, especially those businesses that are more prone to being subjected to civil unrest. Most small and medium employers (those with up to 100 employees), should have businessowner policies (“BOPs”) that cover property, liability, and business income protection when the business is closed due to damages.

Social media during civil unrest (or anytime)

Personal social media posts by your employees can have all sorts of unintended business impacts. How you respond (or don’t respond) can have both legal and practical implications. Fortunately, you have more power than you think. While social media has been the platform for any number of very positive things, it can also be terribly divisive and hurtful. Rather than seeking out opposing viewpoints, some people immerse themselves in echo chambers who think exactly the way that they do to the exclusion of others, and in such environments, it’s easy for everything to become politicized.