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We start conversations that get to the root of the problem.

Every employer needs somewhere to turn when a situation gets difficult or when an answer is uncertain. Combining years of practical experience with law school degrees, our experts on the HR Hotline help our clients recognize risks they may not have known they were facing while ensuring that problems don’t turn into crises.

“Given a constantly changing legal landscape and the very real problems our clients face every day, it can be hard to always make the right choices. It is our job to make the complicated simple while giving our clients a concrete solution to act upon.”

    – James Olney, Senior HR Consultant, VP

It’s not complicated if you have the right team behind you.

You have more important things to do than read the fine print of the Affordable Care Act. Yet not complying to changes in healthcare or state and federal employment laws can come at a price: fines, higher insurance premiums, and it can even minimize your competitive edge.

Simplified problems become more manageable.

We help you break down issues without the legalese. You’ll get in front of problems before they become crises, not just with business advice or legal statutes, but with actual tools and practical guidance tailored to your situation. And if you are already in the midst of a crisis, we have a bench of experts who will stay with you until a resolution is reached.

Knowledge leads to confidence.

Employment issues tend to be a combination of human resources matters and the underlying legal implications. Ensuring that your managers are prepared to address employment-related risk can help you mitigate, or even avoid, potential legal action. Our leadership training is designed to instill confidence and prepare your managers for whatever situation they may encounter.

Support does not end there. Our HR Solutions team is available to provide additional assistance when needed.

We read between the lines.

Regulations can be complex and, of course, they are ever changing. Without constant vigilance, it can be easy to slip into noncompliance. Our HR consultants are dedicated to monitoring the regulatory landscape. Through regular client communications, our team shares our legal expertise, but we don’t stop at just breaking down the law. We look at how the law impacts your business and provide practical advice.

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