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The message to employees was clear: Workplace safety is a top priority.

Things can quickly go from really good to really bad when it comes to workers’ compensation costs.

“A string of seemingly disconnected safety events sent our workers’ compensation costs skyrocketing. Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting conducted a complete loss audit survey to help us identify dangerous safety gaps. A comprehensive safety program was implemented that dramatically improved our experience modification factor rating, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Now our company is an attractive risk for an insurance carrier.”

    – Bill Loehrke, owner of Utility Sales and Service

Safety and loss control: Work comp claims are just the tip of the iceberg.

Employee safety affects morale as well as productivity, and employees who aren’t engaged don’t work safely.

We can help ensure your working environment is safe, your policies and procedures are effective, and your employees are engaged. Your business will become an employer of choice for applicants, as well as an organization that insurance companies want to insure.

Claims cost you more than you think.

Annual claims reviews are essential for uncovering dangerous trends that should be addressed with targeted loss control measures. At the same time, when a claim does occur, staying in frequent contact and coordinating with the assigned claims adjuster is the surest way to ensure swift resolution.

With our expert at your side, you’ll have decades of claims analysis and loss control expertise to help you avoid claims. If a claim does occur, we can make sure it gets the attention that it deserves.

We look at the big picture: Connecting work comp, ADA and FMLA.

Work comp claims often involve employment laws that many risk managers know nothing about. What might be the right decision for a work comp claim may be the wrong decision from an employment law perspective. Making a mistake can have a profound impact.

We have more experience with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act than anyone else in the industry. Let us help you make the right decisions.

What happens when OSHA shows up at your door?

Are you prepared for an OSHA audit? OSHA has been increasing the number of inspections they conduct annually, as well as the size of the fines they assess. If you aren’t certain what an OSHA inspection might find, then you aren’t prepared for an audit.

We can help you uncover and understand your risk exposures, while working with you to determine the most effective means of eliminating or reducing those risks. Doing so can bring you into compliance with OSHA’s requirements and increase the likelihood of a penalty-free audit.

Getting employees back to work impacts your bottom line.

Getting employees back to work and productive as quickly as possible is one of the easiest ways to control claims costs and work comp premiums. By significantly shortening employee recovery time and having more “medical only” claims, you can reduce the amount of dollars that count against your premium modifier by 70%. We can help employers craft effective return-to-work policies and identify potential light duty jobs that are meaningful.

Good risk management goes beyond insurance coverage. We can help you gain a reputation as being a proactive risk steward.

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