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Our employees get what they need.  I can be more proactive. 

Healthcare enrollment had taken over the daily activities of the HR department at Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates. More options and more forms meant more questions. It was complex and overwhelming.

“Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting designed a customized online enrollment dashboard that helps employees choose the right plan. They get the convenience of self-service along with live support from Associated’s experts. The combination of online and live support has relieved the time demands for both HR and the employees.”

    – Darlene Ricke, Director, Human Resources

Use benefits to lure top talent away from the competition.

Health plan design is just one piece of a comprehensive benefits strategy that will impact where you fall on the list of great employers. We partner with your executive team to understand your mission, corporate culture and demographics in order to connect your benefits strategy to them. We then map out a complete benefits strategy that stems the tide of rising costs and improves employee engagement making you an employer of choice.

Let data analytics guide your decisions.

Data is the key to truly understanding your health plan costs. Our proprietary claims analytic tool can show you what types and how many claims are occurring so you can evaluate the impact of potential plan design changes. Our on-staff actuary takes things one step further by identifying, not just cost advantages, but behavioral changes that take place whenever you alter your plan design.

Claims analytics don’t provide all of the answers, but we use it as the foundation for our planning. It helps answer the critical questions that need to be addressed before we can develop a benefit package that meets your needs and those of your employees.

Understand what your employees value before defining your benefits.

The ideal benefits package is the combination of meeting your needs and those of your employees. The last thing you want to do is waste dollars on premiums paying for services that are not valued by your employees. Make every dollar count by conducting surveys to find out what matters most to your employees. A good employee benefit survey can be an invaluable tool to evaluate what your employees think of the current or future benefit options.

Good information is like currency. We will help you use what was learned to design benefit offerings that provide the right amount of coverage for your employees at a cost you can both afford.

Make sure your employees value your investment.

It’s no secret that without proper communication and support even a robust health plan may not be valued by employees. Employees can only value what they are fully aware of and understand. We provide the tools and resources to educate your employees and give them the support they need to understand your offerings and select a health plan.

Our resources are designed to help employees make informed decisions by providing consistent messaging across multiple platforms accommodating generational and learning style differences. Additional proprietary resources like health plan cost calculators and live support allow employees to confidently choose options that are suited to their needs.

The ultimate goal is always a higher return on your investment in benefits.

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