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Our turnover rate is down 33%.

Timberland Partners uses self-assessment tools to better understand the ethical makeup of potential candidates. “We screen for views on drug use or corporate theft. It raises red flags that help inform our decisions. We also look for candidates who most align with the personality and aptitude portraits of our top performers. This has helped ensure more successful placements, reducing turnover rate by 33%.”

    – Gina Lemon, Human Resource Manager

In the battle for talent, you should be the victor.

Truth be told, you’re not the only employer looking for top candidates. You may even be concerned that some of your best people are being recruited by the competition.

A tight market doesn’t mean settling for less-than-best.

We can help you find the best talent and become the employer of choice, locally or within your industry. We’ll show you how to maximize the ROI of your benefits strategy with creative options for healthcare and retirement benefits. We can help you maintain the loyalty and productivity of your top leaders by packaging benefits and other risk management incentives that are tailored to both of your specific needs.

It’s not always about compensation.

Our proprietary tools will give you insight into your organization, starting with a comprehensive employee engagement consultation. Together we will identify strengths to be built on and gaps to be filled.

You’ll learn how talent analytics will improve recruitment and retention. You and your hiring managers will gain advice and resources to improve interviewing skills along with learning how to be more effective and confident in coaching and professionally developing employees once hired. 

Developing skills and building leadership.

With a strong team in place, how do you maintain productivity? How do you engage remote workers? Who do you turn to when legal issues become complicated? We have consultants who specialize in employee development and gives clients direct access to a team of attorneys who specialize in employment law to help you answer these questions.

Clients have access to customized on-site leadership training programs and benchmarking tools that look for skill gaps and help develop a strategic plan for filling them.  Our individual and team development programs assure that managers understand their responsibilities as leaders and have the knowledge to be successful.

Challenging times bring opportunities for growth. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

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