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eBook: Pregnancy discrimination in the modern era

Learn about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance and accommodations for pregnant employees and the potential impact of a recent Supreme Court ruling. Some employers might choose to do nothing while others implement best practices – know what you’re getting into whichever course you take.

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How will the upcoming leap year impact your payroll?

While a leap year doesn’t guarantee an additional payday for your employees, it does increase the chances. We generally calculate employees’ salaries, contributions and deductions based on a 52-week calendar year, not bothering to count the leap year. But it’s not simply a matter of adding a pay period when leap year rolls around every four years. 

Don’t just onboard: Create a new employee “experience”

You’ve hired a great candidate using our great suggestions in the previous article, Don’t just hire: Use technology to create a candidate “experience” and are ready to get them started! This next phase, often called “onboarding,” involves the process of integrating a new employee into your organization.