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Threat Intelligence highlights from December

Massive Q&A website Quora suffers a data breach, exposing 100 million users. Signet Jewelers, the parent company of retailers Jared and Kay Jewelers, has fixed a vulnerability found in its websites. Adobe released update closing Flash Player backdoor vulnerability. Schools, government agencies and private organizations were the target of bomb threat emails that struck nationwide in December 2018. Microsoft urges users to install updates preventing Internet Explorer vulnerability.Researchers at Trend Micro have identified a new type of malware hidden in memes posted to the social media site, Twitter. Malware targets online shoppers with "convincing" Amazon emails. 

Have annual performance evaluations become obsolete?

For many employers they have become obsolete and for others they still exist, but only as a small part of a much grander process. However, there are still some employers who continue to only evaluate their employees once per year – either because they have determined that once a year is sufficient or because they haven’t considered other options. Unfortunately, the annual performance evaluation by itself seldom provides any benefit, is often dreaded by managers and employees alike, and can be incredibly time consuming.

Smart home tech: Are you at risk of being hacked, and what can you do about it?

You might be tired of hearing about new cyber risks, especially around the holiday season with all of its other stressors, but now is the ideal time to protect your family as smart devices are a very popular type of holiday gift. Like any evolving technology, smart home tech is especially vulnerable to hackers. Do you own — or are you thinking about purchasing — any of the following popular devices?