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Is social media usage increasing your risk of identity theft?

Numerous online security and data breaches have grabbed the headlines recently — and they will continue to happen. Therefore, it’s important to continually evaluate your online security habits. Hackers can use data posted on social media to engage in identity fraud, social engineering schemes and more. Here are some tips you can use to secure your data on social media platforms.

5 overlooked insurance considerations for mergers and acquisitions

Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals can be complicated. Extensive research and preparation must be completed prior to the closing of the deal to ensure there are no hidden liabilities or gaps in insurance coverage. When preparing for an M&A, it is crucial to understand how the buyer’s and seller’s insurance programs will respond to a change in control. In order to avoid saddling your combined company with uninsured liabilities, you must be knowledgeable about your insurance policies and how each might be modified in a merger and acquisition transaction. Consider the following before completing an M&A deal.

Think you know how to interview? Think again

Most people aren’t terribly good at interviewing job candidates. The tendency is to ask questions that focus on job history or job-related skills, rather than the personality traits and motivational characteristics that are necessary for actual success in the position. Effective interviewing can be difficult, and doing it poorly can not only lead to a bad hire, but, in some cases, can also get you sued.