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Threat Intelligence: Uptick in ransomware in 2019 plus new tactics to force victims to pay up and other cyber risks

This month's Threat Intelligence report covers an uptick in Ryuk ransomware activity, charges on Russian hackers, sophisticated phishing techniques, and more. How safe is your organization? Take the Cyber Risk Scorecard survey to assess your current cybersecurity standing and find additional steps your organization can take to protect against common cyber threats.

Safety compliance starts with PPE best practices

Last year, OSHA issued 1,528 violations related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), with eye and face protection being the most cited of the offenses – and most of those violations (89%) were deemed “serious.” Protecting the eyes and face from hazards is extremely important, and employers can get into serious trouble when workers are not properly protected.

Common benefits mistakes that can cost you

This article discusses four benefits mistakes that we see on a regular basis. They can be quite costly for employers, and sometimes it can be quite difficult and frustrating to identify when there is a problem. But with a little bit of guidance, you can spot a problem and make a game plan on how to respond.