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Employee COVID-19 exposures: Your go-to for managing risks

Employers frequently come to our Compliance and Workplace Solutions team to help them navigate COVID-19 Exposures. Let them report to work? Send them home? Make them stay home for two weeks once they get back from the Sturgis rally? Although some cases may have unique circumstances, we have compiled common scenarios and set forth options based on an organization’s risk tolerance. While some of these situations will have pretty straightforward guidance, some of the situations below provide several different options for managing risk.

The new look of company outings and events due to COVID-19

As states begin to reopen and loosen restrictions on public gatherings and business closures, employers are seeking to get back to a semblance of normalcy. However, at least in the near term, it appears that business will not be business-as-usual. Social distancing, personal protective equipment, and other protective measures will be the new norm. As a result, company outings and events will look very different for the time-being.

What’s in your employee handbook?

One of the most underrated resources for employers is an employee handbook. Often it is put on the back burner or at the bottom of a staggering “to-do” list. But the reality is that the employee handbook can be a lifesaver, especially when dealing with employee situations. The handbook should articulate the policies and processes for the workplace, which means the manual should address the most reasonably expected situations. It really can be, for some cases, a helpful “easy button” for an employer if properly utilized and maintained. Ask yourself the following questions to see if your employee handbook is a helpful friend or a resource in need of some fine-tuning.