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Providing individual long-term care can help attract and retain executives

Providing individual long-term care (LTC) as an executive benefit is becoming more popular as employers look to provide meaningful ways to attract and retain employees critical to their business line. Because executives tend to be paid better and taxed more than average workers, their coverage can be more expensive since the common means of acquiring a policy has been on an after-tax basis. This article will discuss how employers can offer this valuable benefit while taking advantage of favorable tax treatment.

Threat Intelligence: Zoom video chat vulnerabilities and a new major data breach

Read about today's most urgent cyber security risks in the Threat Intelligence highlights from April, which discusses how hackers are targeting Zoom video chat software, a second major data breach for hotel giant Marriott, SilverTerrier BEC scammers targeting multiple U.S. industries, and more.

What’s a rehire clause and how does it impact benefit eligibility and enrollment?

When an employee is rehired after a termination of employment, employers often ask us how they should handle the rehired employee’s health and welfare benefits. We usually are asked whether the employer must treat the rehired employee like a “new” employee and impose a waiting period or whether the employer can do something more favorable since the employee is not truly “new.”