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HR technology helps employers effectively mitigate harassment in the workplace

Business leaders and HR departments are discovering how to handle the effects of the #MeToo movement in their organizations. As a result, more employers are mandating harassment prevention training for their employees. Our HR Solutions team has seen a significant uptick in training requests from clients since the #MeToo movement began. More employers are also using technologies that can make it safer and easier for employees to report experiences of sexual and other types of harassment, and for employers to respond to and investigate these reports.

EEOC issues guidance on pay data reporting requirement

The EEOC has concluded that the deadline for collecting pay data should be extended to September 30, 2019, but employers still need to submit their 2018 “Component 1” EEO-1 data by May 31, 2019. It is possible the EEOC could further delay the pay data deadline, but based on its report to the court, the EEOC is forging ahead. Consequently, employers should begin compiling their pay data information now.

Cooking on the back burner: COBRA planning in mergers and acquisitions

Identifying potential liabilities prior to a business sale could significantly affect the details of the transaction and even the price itself. One of the most obvious but easily forgotten aspects is how to determine who will handle COBRA obligations. The true cost of COBRA is often not recognized. Early involvement of experienced benefits consultants can facilitate compliance with the COBRA mergers and acquisitions regulations and lead to an appreciation of the true economics of COBRA during the negotiation process.