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Ask the Safety Hotline: What winter weather responsibilities should I be aware of?

Snow days were a highlight of winter when many of us were children, but now winter weather presents a host of difficulties for employers. There are safety concerns, OSHA regulations to comply with, potential liability risks, attendance confusion and pay-related issues. It’s important to be prepared for all scenarios associated with inclement weather before the weather arrives, and to make sure employees are properly informed of all relevant policies and procedures.

What recent legal changes to contraceptive coverage mean for employers

Before the recent legal changes, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) required employer-sponsored group health plans to cover all FDA-approved contraceptive methods, aside from three exceptions. Changes to one of the exceptions (the religious accommodation process) will impact coverage for some employers. This article explains the scope of the changes and how affected employers should respond.

Why is your employee handbook so important?

What if you had a document that informed employees of your expectations, carefully and thoughtfully articulated your rules and benefits, and provided consistent insight into your operating procedures? One that employees would be expected to read and understand, and perhaps even provide you with legal protections and defenses? You can and should have this very document — it’s called an employee handbook.
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