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HR technology helps employers effectively mitigate harassment in the workplace

Business leaders and HR departments are discovering how to handle the effects of the #MeToo movement in their organizations. As a result, more employers are mandating harassment prevention training for their employees. Our HR Solutions team has seen a significant uptick in training requests from clients since the #MeToo movement began. More employers are also using technologies that can make it safer and easier for employees to report experiences of sexual and other types of harassment, and for employers to respond to and investigate these reports.

Data privacy – Past, present, and what’s next?

Employers need to be mindful of the privacy laws that impact them, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. They also need to be aware of relevant state laws to make sure that they are in compliance with existing laws as we wait for what’s to come in this evolving area of the law.

The business case for benefit administration technology

A well-managed benefits program is critical to the long-term success of an organization because of the major impact benefits have on attracting and retaining talent, employee productivity, and other factors that keep business leaders up at night. For this reason, you have a great opportunity to build a strong case for implementing benefit administration technology.