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Is your 2019 employee benefits strategy aligned with your organization’s long-term goals?

Each organization is unique, so your benefits strategies should reflect your particular goals. Taking a cookie-cutter approach or investing in every trend that comes along can be problematic. While new and exciting ideas can be tempting, it would be counterproductive and impractical to implement employee benefit strategies that don’t align with your workforce or goals. Instead, let’s take a step back and consider the process of strategic planning, in addition to the strategies themselves.

Trend Study: MarketPulse 2019

Introducing our 2019 MarketPulse trend report, where we discuss what our clients and other employers are doing to manage risks, promote employee productivity and morale, reduce costs and improve their organizations as a whole. In this issue, we explore retirement plans featuring target date funds as well as specialty drugs, cyber risk, predictive modeling, workplace well-being, advanced data analytics, the cost of large and often ongoing medical claims, and various emerging trends. In addition to a discussion of each trend, you will find supporting materials at

Download the PDF: MarketPulse 2019

Medicare Part D notification: Deadline to submit fast approaching

March 2, 2019 is the deadline for employers with calendar year plans to disclose to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) whether the coverage they offer to Medicare eligible individuals is “creditable prescription coverage.” While the disclosure is voluntary, failing to disclose or properly notify Medicare eligible individuals can lead to an employee relations headache.