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eBook: Large ongoing claims: A growing financial threat to self-insured groups

Frequency and severity of large claims are on the rise as the cost of medications and treatment continues to increase. Large claims are also more likely to be ongoing and have repeated high annual costs. These factors, combined with the elimination of lifetime claim maximums under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), have created disruption in the normally sleepy stop-loss world. 

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Executive benefit plans overview

Employers know that to attract and retain the best talent, they need to offer competitive wages and employee benefits. But providing benefits to highly compensated employees can be tricky. How can employers make sure they are offering the best benefits to attract and retain their top executive talent?

Direct primary care mixes the past with the future

In 20 years as an employee benefit consultant, I have heard the employees of my clients respond more positively about direct primary care than virtually any other new employee benefit. As you may know, direct primary care is an emerging type of healthcare for which you pay a monthly fee and don’t use insurance. This approach is designed to produce better care and lower costs since doctors and patients avoid bureaucratic complexity and costly claims processing.