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Long-term care insurance: Addressing the financial and emotional need

The choices in long-term care (LTC) planning are evolving and becoming increasingly diverse beyond traditional insurance offerings, with more plans designed specifically for wealth protection and a return on investment. Retirement planning is not complete without a healthcare discussion and understanding the risk that a long-term care event can have on a family. There have been many changes in the LTC market, and more options are attractive to wealthier individuals and couples.

eBook: Medicare and employers

More employees are working past age 65 instead of retiring, and many employers are wondering: Does the employee’s Medicare eligibility affect the employer’s benefit programs? This eBook addresses the most common questions we receive regarding issues such as eligibility, entitlement, health plan design and enrollment, employee education, and more. Register for our Nov. 7 webinar "How to explain the Medicare puzzle to your employees aged 65+ and still working" to learn how Medicare affects your organization, your employees and your benefit plans.

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10 emerging benefits you should consider for your company: A teaser

Enhanced vacation benefits are just one emerging benefit that I’ll be discussing in an upcoming webinar called 10 Emerging Benefits You Should Consider For Your Company. I’ll outline the types of ways an employer could offer this type of benefit, and which employers it might be a good fit for. Another benefit I’ll discuss is the Individual Coverage HRA, or “ICHRA,” which is a type of health reimbursement arrangement that can reimburse individual health insurance premiums.