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Trend Study: MarketPulse 2019

Introducing our 2019 MarketPulse trend report, where we discuss what our clients and other employers are doing to manage risks, promote employee productivity and morale, reduce costs and improve their organizations as a whole. In this issue, we explore retirement plans featuring target date funds as well as specialty drugs, cyber risk, predictive modeling, workplace well-being, advanced data analytics, the cost of large and often ongoing medical claims, and various emerging trends. In addition to a discussion of each trend, you will find supporting materials at

Download the PDF: MarketPulse 2019

Student loan debt: The $1.56 trillion problem that could improve your recruiting and retention

According to the Federal Reserve, 44 million Americans owe a staggering $1.56 trillion in student loans, and the average incoming college-educated worker has over $37,000 in student debt (a $20,000 increase from just 10 years ago). As a result, the average college grad will take over 21 years to pay off their student loan debt making minimum payments. Many of the negative effects of overwhelming student debt include delaying the decision to buy a house or start a family, save for retirement, or just cause a tremendous amount of financial stress.

Building-block considerations for onsite/near-site clinic programs

For decades, rising healthcare costs have been a consistent topic of conversation, particularly for employers concerned with enhancing worker productivity, reducing medical costs and meeting occupational health and safety needs. One solution which has arisen with increasing frequency is the establishment of employer-sponsored clinics (or “onsite/near-site” clinics). With this solution, however, comes many considerations and challenges for employers.