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How do I understand and manage my diabetic costs and risks?

Diabetic costs are often a huge cost driver and worrisome impending financial risk for employer-sponsored health plans. Plan members that do not manage their blood glucose can incur huge costs for an employer plan. This article aims to provide a more detailed and clinical perspective to how employers might understand and impact their diabetic spend.

Workplace stress and the FMLA: A good offense is a great defense

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may be an option for an employee that is suffering from workplace stress, especially if it rises to the point of a serious health condition that affects the employee’s ability to perform work duties. Once FMLA has been identified as an option, the employee can take a leave of absence all at one time or have some type of intermittent leave that allows for them to modify their schedule.

Case study: District plan to reduce healthcare costs improves outcomes and quality of care without increasing employee premiums

Facing an 8% year-over-year increase in health plan spending, the School District of Elmbrook worked with Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting to implement a results-driven strategy and reverse the trend. The district has seen decreasing costs four years in a row and has improved benefits offerings without shifting costs onto the employees.