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Creative return to work strategies

Many employers are starting to implement return to work programs to reduce costs around workers’ compensation, motivate their workforce, and improve their productivity. From a direct cost standpoint, implementing a program could make or break a company’s experience modifier . As more employers implement such programs, innovative strategies continue to surface. Here are creative transitional opportunities to return your injured employees quickly and safely back to work.

Winter is coming: Reduce your risk by properly evaluating your home and your insurance coverage

Poorly winterized homes can be a source of both property and liability claims unless they are brought up to par before the first heavy snowfall. So spend some time this weekend making sure your home — and your insurance coverage — are ready for the long winter ahead.

Threat Intelligence: Scammers putting a new twist on old schemes

Not even trusted vendors and suppliers are safe from a newly discovered cybercriminal group that has been putting a twist on business email compromise scams. Also, learn about other recent reports of ransomware, malware, security breaches, supply-chain attacks, SIM-swapping and business email compromise schemes.