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Cooking on the back burner: COBRA planning in mergers and acquisitions

Identifying potential liabilities prior to a business sale could significantly affect the details of the transaction and even the price itself. One of the most obvious but easily forgotten aspects is how to determine who will handle COBRA obligations. The true cost of COBRA is often not recognized. Early involvement of experienced benefits consultants can facilitate compliance with the COBRA mergers and acquisitions regulations and lead to an appreciation of the true economics of COBRA during the negotiation process.

Changes to your employee benefits offerings may have changed your compliance obligations

You made it through another plan renewal and open enrollment season, likely following months of planning and decisions about potential changes to plan design, benefit offerings, carriers, funding, and cost sharing. There is another important step that many employers miss. Have you determined whether the decisions you made changed your compliance obligations as the employer plan sponsor? 

ACA reporting is done, but it’s not over yet: Watch out for IRS penalty assessments

You’ve entered all the codes where you should. You know your company’s safe harbor affordability code without double-checking. You know every single employee’s ACA-full-time status for 2018. In other words, you have completed ACA reporting for 2018! So, can you close the books on the ACA for 2019? Of course not. The IRS just issued another wave of proposed employer shared responsibility penalty assessments.