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Benefits during leave: A methodical approach

The most common questions we get on the HR Hotline relate to employees’ leaves of absence, and a large percentage of those questions have to do with employee benefits during that leave. Part of the reason why this is such a tricky topic is because the answer to these questions can come from a variety of different places. Moreover, not all of these sources give the same answer.

#WhatNext? Are you doing all you can to prevent workplace harassment?

By now, all employers know they should be doing something more to prevent workplace harassment. The problem is, many employers still don’t know what doing more really means. More frequent training? More effective training? More what exactly?

Taking the fear out of a difficult conversation

Who is familiar with this situation? You get an email and you read it quickly because you’re busy. You immediately feel hurt by something in the email. You read it again, this time examining the words closer. Now you’re angry. And you become defensive. You start drafting a reply. Maybe you send it. Maybe you redraft it three times. Maybe you decide not to send it at all. The next day you see the other person. What happens next?