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Comprehensive workers' compensation and risk management services

Improving workplace safety is a critical component to your overall workers’ compensation strategy. However, there is much more to controlling the costs of workers’ compensation that simply preventing accidents and injuries. Our Associated Comp Advisors team of insurance and risk management specialists can help your organization implement a comprehensive workers’ compensation program designed to prevent and manage workplace injuries, and lower controllable costs.

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Creating a safe work environment is the first step in reducing workplace injuries. Associated Comp Advisors can assist you with your safety and loss control efforts.

  • Conduct periodic and required compliance safety training
  • Implement hiring best practices
  • Improve safety and communication and create a positive work environment
  • Use safety audits to identify safety hazards and blind-spots and recommend solutions
  • Develop customized accident investigation process
  • Provide guidance and assist client with active OSHA investigations
  • Access to the Safety Hotline, staffed by specialists in safety management and risk control
  • Access to Associated Compass, an online advanced learning management system
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Risk management, liability, and work comp considerations related to COVID-19

As concerns about containing the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continue to grow around the world, and particularly here in the U.S., a careful review of your business continuity plans and risk management strategies — as well as any related liabilities and insurance policies — should be included in your readiness and response preparations. Here we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients on risk management, liability, and workers’ compensation in connection with a potential pandemic outbreak. These questions and answers may change based on new guidance and developments.

Late winter and spring risks: Tips for reducing risk and avoiding injury

As winter ends and spring begins to show its face, employers should not take their eye off of winter risk. Warmer days cause snow and ice to melt and re-freeze, often causing black ice and extremely smooth and oftentimes very hard to see slick spots. Here are a few things to remember this time of year.

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Your experience mod determines how much you pay for workers’ compensation. Associated Comp Advisors can help you manage the controllable factors that go into experience mod and premium calculations.

  • Review payroll audit for errors and recommend solutions
  • Examine mod worksheets for errors, recommend solutions and provide projected mod
  • Negotiate scheduled credits with carrier
  • Review insurance market and select carrier
  • Analyze plan financing options and make recommendations
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  • Ask Associated: Critical Topics Related to COVID-19

    As the situation rapidly evolves, employers are facing numerous challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we discuss the latest updates and official guidance affecting employers and the workforce.

    4/9/2020 2:00 PM
  • How to avoid hiring your next work comp claim

    One of the most expensive costs for nearly any business is that of workers’ compensation insurance. When faced with frequent or severe claims, an employer’s mod rate can go through the roof, resulting in higher premiums. Work comp claims also generate numerous indirect costs, such as covering for an employee’s absence, declining morale and copycat claims. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to stop work comp claims before they even walk through your door? Join us to discuss how effective hiring practices, pre-hire assessments, background checks, job descriptions, ergonomics and other tactics can help you minimize the risk of hiring your next work comp claim.

    4/15/2020 9:00 AM
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Despite your best efforts, sometimes accidents happen. What happens next can determine whether a claim has a positive or negative outcome for you and the injured employee. Associated Comp Advisors can assist you with quickly and safely getting your injured employees back to work, reducing workers’ compensation costs and employee turnover, and increasing productivity.

  • Conduct training with managers and supervisors on return to work and accident investigation
  • Implement comprehensive return-to-work strategy
  • 24/7 access to work injury triage and reporting hotline
  • Establish clinic relationships and provide work comp training to physicians
  • Conduct claim exposure analysis and attend mediations
  • Troubleshoot open claims and negotiate reserves
  • Provide accident investigation support
  • Assist in fraudulent claims investigations
  • Access to online injury reporting tool to assist with claims submission and OSHA reporting
  • Access to law-degreed HR specialists to assist with workers’ compensation compliance and employment liability questions and concerns
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Client access portal for reporting workplace injuries, OSHA logs, etc.