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Threat Intelligence: Zoom video chat vulnerabilities and a new major data breach

Read about today's most urgent cyber security risks in the Threat Intelligence highlights from April, which discusses how hackers are targeting Zoom video chat software, a second major data breach for hotel giant Marriott, SilverTerrier BEC scammers targeting multiple U.S. industries, and more.

What’s a rehire clause and how does it impact benefit eligibility and enrollment?

When an employee is rehired after a termination of employment, employers often ask us how they should handle the rehired employee’s health and welfare benefits. We usually are asked whether the employer must treat the rehired employee like a “new” employee and impose a waiting period or whether the employer can do something more favorable since the employee is not truly “new.”

COVID-19 back to business planning tool

As you prepare for returning employees to work, there are a number of contingencies you need to plan for, and it can be easy to miss things or make well-intentioned mistakes. Our Back to business planning tool can assist your organization with developing a preparedness plan, managing your workforce, staying safe, and planning for uncertainty. We’ve organized the tool around each of the six critical areas you will need to form the foundation of your return-to-work plan. Click here to download.