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Are you considering revising your paid time off policy?

Paid time off policies are typically drafted with the most common circumstances in mind. While this makes sense given that employers can’t anticipate all situations that might arise, it makes it difficult to adhere to your policy when circumstances become unusual and are not addressed in your policy. Employers who have generally felt comfortable with the terms and administration of their paid time off policies may be evaluating them in light of the current circumstances. If you found it difficult to comply with your policy or if your policy was silent as to how to handle these recent events, consider whether your policy might need some attention. 

Responding to mental health needs during unsettled times

As states cautiously re-open and medical professionals brace for a potentially busy summer caring for people infected with COVID-19, protests have flared up nationwide sending hundreds of thousands of people into the streets to demand justice and systemic change. With emotional and physical stress already high from the fear, change and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the additional grief and trauma of the current social unrest, could trigger a further increase in the already anticipated higher need for mental healthcare.

Social media during civil unrest (or anytime)

Personal social media posts by your employees can have all sorts of unintended business impacts. How you respond (or don’t respond) can have both legal and practical implications. Fortunately, you have more power than you think. While social media has been the platform for any number of very positive things, it can also be terribly divisive and hurtful. Rather than seeking out opposing viewpoints, some people immerse themselves in echo chambers who think exactly the way that they do to the exclusion of others, and in such environments, it’s easy for everything to become politicized.