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Benefits during leave: A methodical approach

The most common questions we get on the HR Hotline relate to employees’ leaves of absence, and a large percentage of those questions have to do with employee benefits during that leave. Part of the reason why this is such a tricky topic is because the answer to these questions can come from a variety of different places. Moreover, not all of these sources give the same answer.

Question: Are you indemnifying too much? Answer: Probably

“If we get sued, you get sued!” Sounds warm and comforting, right? I bet you cannot wait to partner or contract with a company that already has litigation on its mind. Nevertheless, these types of statements are common, and once formalized by lawyers, are called “indemnification clauses.” They are often necessary but can be very broad and potentially catastrophic to your business.

Understand your notice requirements during open enrollment

Planning for a successful open enrollment starts early, and requires thoughtful decision making, including determining what notices should be given to employees and their dependents, and when each notice must be provided. It’s important to comply with notice requirements, not only to meet legal obligations, but also to provide your employees and participants the information they need as they make their benefit decisions.