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Colleague testimonials.

Building a long-term career.

"Why have I stayed here for over 27 years? I have been successful, and that has created opportunities and offers from elsewhere, but I have stayed primarily because of the people I work with. Both personally and professionally, they have supported me and helped me remain successful. They genuinely care about me and our customers and have an internal desire to do good work. The culture and resources help keep good people here and sustain the job satisfaction and success that I consider essential."

 — Mardi Burns, SVP, senior benefits consultant

Finding a better job and a roadmap to success.

"I was five years into my career out of college and had seen some success in my first job, but I felt there had to be more out there. One thing that attracted me to our organization was their reputation for developing their employees and, specifically, their consultants. I did not fully comprehend the amount of effort and resources they dedicate to this area until I was hired. They do an excellent job of showing you the roadmap to success and giving you all the resources you need to succeed. You simply need to be willing to follow the map and do the work. If you are a driven individual looking for a fast-paced, entrepreneurial work environment, I encourage you to consider joining us."

 — Ryan LeBeau, CEBS, benefits consultant

Our internship program.

"The internship program was a great experience. The culture was — and remains — very welcoming. It was easy to approach my colleagues and ask questions. In fact, the whole organization was accessible and friendly, making it an incredible opportunity for someone just entering the workforce. Having the opportunity to work alongside all of the departments allowed me to learn a lot about the business world, and also truly made me learn a lot about myself and what I want to do with my future. I highly recommend this internship."

 — Kyle Hansen, account manager and 2013 intern

Achieving work-life balance and job satisfaction.

"After my daughter was born, I needed a more flexible work schedule and my supervisor was very supportive. Now I work from home two days a week and switch to flexible hours on other days when I’m needed at home. This arrangement means more to me than you might think — more than helping balance my work and home duties. The trust it shows — in my work ethic, my competence and other good qualities — gives me a lot of pride and satisfaction. An employer that trusts me inspires me to give back."

 — Lynn Franklin, senior financial analyst

Following a career path while finding out what you love to do.

"In 2005, I was hired by Associated Bank as a personal banker, and after a couple of years I changed my career path — while staying within the organization. There are so many opportunities here. I started working with Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting as an account manager for the business insurance division and received all of the training and support that I needed, including my CISR designation. My original Associated Bank manager was very supportive of my decision to transition to Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting knowing I had found my true passion. It’s great to work for an employer who helps you figure out what you love and are good at, and then helps you achieve your goals."

 — Lisa M. Wasley, CISR, senior account manager

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