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If you didn’t have challenges, you wouldn’t have successes.

How do you overcome obstacles, particularly those facing businesses and their owners in today’s environment? It takes thoughtful creativity with a thorough attention to detail. It takes global knowledge tempered with regional expertise. More importantly, it takes a spirit of optimism that we all share. Whether you’re looking for basic healthcare solutions, comprehensive human resources management, business insurance, risk management strategies or retirement plan consulting, Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting will provide the guidance you need to reach your goals and compete successfully.

What you need to know before terminating an employee

Without a legitimate business reason coupled with sufficient documentation to support a termination, employees’ claims that they were terminated for unlawful reasons can be difficult, time consuming and costly to dispute. While there is no way to eliminate legal exposure to employees’ claims, there are ways for employers to significantly reduce their exposure when terminating employees. This article covers five ways you can reduce your exposure to claims for unlawful termination. 


HR Solutions changing to Compliance and Workplace Solutions

Our HR Solutions team has evolved to offer a great deal more than human resources support over the past several years. We are changing our name from HR Solutions to Compliance and Workplace Solutions to better align with all of the services and solutions we can offer to our clients.

  • Managing your winter risks

    Winter conditions present a host of workplace challenges, including employee safety, third-party risks, and basic operational and HR considerations. Not only do these risks complicate the jobs your employees do, but they also expose your business to potential liability and legal claims.

    10/16/2019 1:00 PM